Let Them Eat Cake Marie Antoinette Collection 6pc

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As light as air, our award-winning marshmallows are carefully crafted using an ancient recipe that includes real marshmallow root, honey, natural colour and flavour infusions.These marshmallows are hand-dipped in the finest Belgian, couverture chocolate. 

Our cake flavoured bag includes:
- Pecan Pie
- Birthday Cake
- Cheese Cake
- Blueberry Pie
- Apple Pie
- Pumpkin Pie

Marshmallow (51%), (Contains: sugar, glucose syrup, local orange blossom honey, free range egg whites, fish gelatin, natural and/or organic flavour and colour, confectioner’s sugar, cornflour, organic marshmallow root), sugar, natural flavour and/or colour)
Milk chocolate (48%), (Contains: sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, milk, soy lecithin - an emulsifier, vanilla) OR White chocolate (48%), (Contains: sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, soy lecithin - an emulsifier, natural vanilla flavour) OR Dark Chocolate (48%) (contains: sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, soy lecithin - an emulsifier, vanilla)
May contain:
Orange blossom water, Madigascan vanilla, citrus peel, limes, apples, cinnamon, pecan nuts, bicarbinate of soda, fleur de sel, cocoa, flour, butter, sprinkles, blueberries, ginger, nutmeg, pumpkin

Cow’s milk, fish gelatin, soy, eggs.
Pecan Pie Contains Tree Nuts.
Manufactured in a facility that handles peanuts, tree nuts, cow’s milk, soy and eggs.

Shelf life:
4 months

Halaal Certified: NHIT
Kosher: Milk