Trick or "Ooh la la": Artisan Confectionery Treats

Karen Schneid-Lieberman has been a barrister in South Africa for more that 19 years. Always a world traveler, she is passionate about architecture and antiques. Karen is especially fascinated by different cultures, and food has always been a part of her cultural explorations. Ask Karen for the best chicken in any city, for instance, and she will guide you to a venue that you will likely agree seres the best poultry ever. Nonetheless, she realised that her greatest love was confections. Hence, she dropped the courthouse for Provence (can you imaging?) in order to study the making of fine sweets. The outcome: Ooh la al Artisan Confectionery.

The intrigue began when Karen started touring artisanal chocolate factories. Then, she fell in love with calissons and the village where they were made - so much so that she began studying the molecular make-up of sugar. )And I though I had a sweet tooth!) While also raising to little girls, and throwing famously creative children's parties, she continues her confection studies. Eventually Karen took a stand at an organic market, and began sharing her creations with all of her friends. She continues to make Ooh la la calissons, Spanish Turrón, nougat, butter caramels and more out of her home factory. This beautiful artisan has become totally obsessed and is always creating something new! Each item has its own special little background story. "It was worth daydreaming about marshmallows in court," says Karen. Her advice to everyone is that if you are totally, totally passionate about something, take a chance - with passion there is no way it cannot work. The Great Taste Award-winning Ooh la la is currently available locally in South Africa, in London at Harvey Nichols, and coming soon online.


Xx Lottie Dottie