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Liquorice & Smoked Salt Dark Chocolate

We infuse our 70% Dark Belgian Chocolate with natural liquorice root, and add in a sprinkling of smoked salt, creating a product that is not only award-winning, but vegan, all natural and perfectly balanced!

What the 2018 Great Taste Judges had to say:

"We are enthralled" • "This is so unusual and very clever" • "The cubes are moreish! We have all gone back for more - a sure sign this is a good product!"

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Sesame Snap Pebbles

Decadent chunks of salted caramel brittle, made with black and white sesame seeds. Inspired by Karen's travel to Japan, this salty-sweet confection is a perfect hit!

What the 2018 Great Taste Judges had to say:

"The star of the show as it should be" • "What a beautiful looking product" • "This is moreish and we keep going back"

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Matcha White Hot Chocolate

Our Matcha white hot chocolate is made with the finest Belgian Couverture white chocolate and the Little Matcha Master's ceremonial grade matcha, sent to us fresh from Japan. We know that ceremonial matcha should be reserved for Japanese tea ceremonies, but we couldn't resist putting it into our hot chocolate to ensure the best sip every time

What the 2018 Great Taste Judges had to say:

"A delicious and warming drink" • "It tasted delicious!" • " It is soothing and comforting" • "We also like nibbling it straight from the bowl!"

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Artisan Confectionery

Ooh La La Artisan Confectionery does not make ordinary confections. One doesn’t need words to know this, a bite will do.

Unexpected flavours, textures, the finest and most rare of ingredients all come together to sing a song in your mouth. It’s a song you’ll want to play over and over again. And once you’ve heard it you’re not likely to forget it.

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Matcha Collection

Karen has personally sourced our matcha from the fertile soil and rich green valleys of the pristine Nishio region in Japan. 

A trending flavour in the world of taste, Ooh La La is proud to introduce our Little Tea Master's Matcha Collection using this prized ingredient.


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Gift Collection

Our Gift Collection is a selection of treasures to give away or to simply treat yourself! We have carefully selected the best combinations to ensure you get the best experience.

We are always updating our gift store to suit special occassions and holidays.

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“Artisanal confectioner Karen
Schneid-Lieberman has
tranSformed a love affair with
France in a life-long
commitment with sugar.”

House and Garden Conde Nast

“Sweet tooth lovers out there
embrace yourselves as we as
we introduce you to one very
fine confectionery brand that
will make you go “Ooh La La”.

Paris Popcorn French Blogazine

“Very Moreish!" "Brilliant."

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