Matcha's Anti-Viral Properties "Go Viral" in Pandemic

Some very exciting news from the Little Matcha Master!

Hi Everyone!!
I am in a matcha state of mind. With the pandemic feeling like it’s closing in on all sides, I, like you, am looking for ways to protect myself and my family. But who knew that one of the biggest protective weapons I had was sitting right in front of me – it’s the superhero of all times and especially of this time... Matcha!

Did you know that matcha can help your body fight Corona-Virus?

Matcha is a super immune booster & it boosts lung function!

This  little green powder  punches way above its weight. From improving concentration and focus, to increasing your metabolism which can be great for weight loss, from offering huge amounts of antioxidants which can provide protection against cancer (137 times more than green tea) to detoxifying your liver and giving you a calming yet powerful energy boost, matcha is the superhero of all superfoods. 

But these days, the pandemic has raised matcha’s profile to another level. You see, it contains those precious EGCG’s which offer anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. And that’s what we want these days, right? Anything anti-viral! Which is why matcha is going "viral".
I have known about matcha for a long time. Even before it was the buzzword of the millennials and doing the rounds in the BOHO towns, I had discovered matcha while I was experimenting with it as a Japanese influence in my confectionery. When we infused our chocolate with matcha and yuzu (Japanese citrus), we won awards for it at the UK Great Taste Awards (the Oscars of the food industry). We here at Ooh la la, have created matcha variations of our callisons, marshmallows and nougat using this incredible ingredient.

Matcha is really good for you!

Our organic ceremonial grade matcha has won a double gold star at the UK Great taste awards! (Which are the oscars of the food industry)

Not all Matcha is created equal!

Finding your matcha is kind of like finding your love partner. You want the very best. It often requires a dedicated search, you need to open your heart and you need a great deal of perseverance and some good luck too.

My plan took me to Japan and in Tokyo I met Yasuko, who became one of my closest friends. She led me to her matcha farm, located in an exquisite prefecture of Japan called Nishio, a place where the grass is so green and the chlorophyll so dense that the very best, sweetest, most vibrant matcha leaves grow and are harvested. While there, I could literally inhale the matcha in the air, the area was so filled with life, energy and goodness. I knew that I had found my matcha match.

The best way to describe the quality of matcha is compare it to wine... of course, there is the cheap, inferior kind, which we don't think you would want to be drinking. Likewise, there is a lot of inferior, less fresh and cheap matcha out there, you certainly don't want to drink that either. In addition to the high quality, our matcha comes straight from the farm, so there is no middle man. You are getting the best matcha at the best price.

Here's a picture of me at our little matcha farm, at harvest time with Yasuko!

Our little matcha farm makes the highest quality matcha, which is then specially packed for us in air tight containers so that our matcha remains super fresh! 

How to tell the quality of your matcha:

  1. If there is anything other than matcha in your "matcha", beware!
  2. If your matcha comes from outside of Japan, it's poorer quality. 
  3. High quality matcha is a vibrant green colour. If your matcha has a dull olive green colour, it is either not fresh or is poor quality matcha. When matcha is exposed to air and light, it looses flavour, oxidises and becomes bitter. The higher quality your matcha is, the greener it is. 
  4. High quality matcha always comes sealed. If you buy matcha that has been decanted or repackaged, it would have lost colour, freshness and quality.

I hate bad matcha! For people who have never had matcha before, it puts them off completely! It's bitter and horrible. To ensure you taste only the best, I suggest you stick to the Little Matcha Master!


All of the Little Matcha Master's matcha is harvested, packed and sealed at our farm in Japan.

Friends, we may be in a tobacco and alcohol ban but who needs ciggies and wine when you can have your daily dose of matcha. Use it in your smoothies or lattes, or follow Japanese tradition and drink it as a cup of tea in a beautiful ceremony. However you take it, now’s the time to get your matcha on and make the anti-virals go viral.

You can find some recipes on our website! HERE

Some Matcha Recipes!

Matcha-Colada Smoothie


  • 1/2 cup of coconut milk
  • 1 1/2 frozen bananas (chop them up and freeze them unpeeled!)
  • 100g pineapple
  • 2 passion fruit
  • 1 tsp matcha


Matcha Latte


  • 1 cup Milk
  • 1 tsp Matcha
  • Honey / Agave 


  1. Warm up your milk of choice in a small sauce pan (dairy and almond milk work well).
  2. Just before it boils, add a teaspoon of matcha, whisk well and remove from the heat.
  3. Add agave / honey to taste


Matcha Pound Cake

Recipe on our website!

Did you know that Ooh la la (and the Little Matcha Master) was the first company to bring Matcha into South Africa? 


You can order Ooh La La’s matcha from our website. We deliver all over South Africa!
Lots of love