The Pebbles Collection House Box

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A selection of our famous Pebbles!

Filled with classic flavours of our famous award-winning salted caramel nut brittles, you are sure to find your next confectionery love in The Pebbles Collection!

These luxury, salted caramel hand-crafted nut brittles are made by roasting and caramelising the freshest nuts for hours in heavy French copper pots. Finished with a sprinkling of fleur de sel.

This gorgeous box makes for the perfect gift or the ultimate self-indulgent treat.

The Pebbles Collection box includes:

  • Walnut Pebbles 100g
  • Pecan Pebbles in White Chocolate 100g
  • Pecan Pebbles in Dark Chocolate 100g
  • Hazelnut Pebbles in Milk Chocolate 100g