Ceremonial Grade Matcha 100 g Bag

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Our Ceremonial Matcha is now available organically! This is exciting, because this is the first organic matcha that we can promise has the same, excellent, quality as our ceremonial matcha. 

Karen has personally sourced this most premium organic matcha tea from our gorgeous little matcha farm in Nishio, Japan, which produces the best quality matcha tea powder in the world. We have now brought it to you in a 100 g, resealable bag, packed in Japan which will protect your Matcha from both air and light. 

  • 100% ceremonial grade matcha tea powder 

Serving Size: 1g
Price Per serving: R7.83

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100% ceremonial grade matcha tea powder 


Shelf Life:
2 years

Kosher: Parev
Gluten-Free, Vegan